My research areas are rooted in a fundamental interest in how individuals and publics respond to challenges in the context of technological, political, and social uncertainty. Studying these dynamics in the contexts of health, science, and politics, my research interests boil down to one simple question: how can we provide more effective and equitable care and services to vulnerable and marginalized populations in the U.S. and across the globe?

My work has been published in top-tier academic outlets including the Journal Communication, International Journal of Communication, Health Communication, and Journal of Health Communication.

Center for Media Psychology & Social Influence

Based at Northwestern University, The Center for Media Psychology & Social Influence (COM-PSI) operates at the intersection of communication, psychology, sociology, and health sciences. As scholars, we draw upon theories of media, communication, psychology, and social influence to design, test, and evaluate communication interventions to identify strategies that improve behavioral and psychosocial outcomes.